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About Tim:

For 20 years Tim's passion with photography - capturing lifestyles, landscapes, wildlife and waterways - joined him through the islands and forests of Alaska, to the plains and rivers of Africa, to the cultures of Central Europe and across the United States. (You can view Tim's fine-art galleries here: TvdB Inspirations ) He has owned and loved many dogs through his life and has found their character and expressions a true treasure. His  efforts through Paws and Prints is to capture timeless memories of canines and other pet's special expressions, a distinct action shot, or cuddling with their owners. He is a photographer who knows the profession's technical"rules" but prefers to get beyond the norm and discover unique perspectives and approaches to capturing those looks and moments that may escape one's normal line of vision.

Tim lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 45 years, though is calling Carmel-by-the-Sea his home now. (Walking the beach with his spoiled Maltipoo and grateful Havanese rescue every morning!) He is a proud father of three children. His professional careers have included roles in software design, test engineering, Life Coaching, record production, performing, and volunteering in his community. He loves to channel his creative talents for others’ inspiration through writing, speaking, photography and music. 


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